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Every year The Actors' Gang conducts at least three 8-week workshops inside the California prison system. Our work endeavors to unlock human potential in the interest of effective rehabilitation. As one of the only remaining arts programs inside California's correctional system, The Prison Project fosters tolerance and nonviolent expression while significantly reducing recidivism rates.

The Problem
In California, six out of ten inmates will return to prison within three years of release. Most of the inmates currently housed in California prisons will eventually be back in our communities. Many of these men and women lack the vital skills to help them succeed on the outside. The Actors' Gang Prison Project is working to change that.

Our Solution
The Prison Project reduces in-prison violence, increases self-esteem and tolerance, and reduces recidivism. Our classes help inmates develop emotional and social skills that aid in a positive return to society. For 24 weeks each year we teach a racially integrated group of inmates who form lasting bonds as they undertake personal transformation together.

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Prison Project

" I have become one with the other guys. We have all become closer and more comfortable. We have all shown our true selves, and the goodness that lies within us. The goodness that just needed to be cultivated. " - Jerrawe, inmate participant


For More Information:
Sabra Williams
Director of the Prison Project

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